Family Law

In recent years, divorce and family law has become one of the most important branches of law in Turkey. Due to the growth in divorce rate, it is recommended to seek professional advices and litigation services from offices providing it. This branch of law (family law) deals with engagement, marriage, divorce and family protection, general provisions about marriage (annulment), inheritance law, wills and trusts disputes including heirship (inheritance left behind by the deceased) and disputes on the right partition of shares; according to the civil law: custody, guardianship and trustee disputes, change of age and İD card issues, adoption and surrogacy and paternity issues.
In the context of family and divorce law, the litigation and counseling services carried out by our lawyers are listed as follows:
  • Divorce cases
  • Custody cases
  • Child maintenance and alimony cases
  • Paternity issues
  • Administration of children’s asset when in custody
  • Cases of domestic violence
  • Human right violation cases
  • Family dwellings and its application
  • Financial arrangements in divorce and dissolution
  • ‘Family protection’ litigation cases based on Article No.: 4320
  • Commodity partnership and separation, division of matrimonial properties, tenancy in its entirety.
  • Legal rights owned by spouses on matrimonial properties
  • Renunciation of inheritance cases
  • Obtaining heirship certificate
  • Cases dealing with cancellation of heirship certificate
  • Cases arising from the deterioration of engagement
  • Child adoption allowance cases
  • Marriage license, removal of the waiting period for women
  • Cancellation and declaration of legitimacy of affiliation and paternity cases
  • Alteration of age and declaration of maturity cases
  • Cases based on recognition and approval of the court order (divorce, heirship etc.) issued in a different country.
  • Provisional injunctions on heritage
  • Restitution cases for inheritance and cases filed by heir due to reduction of its amount of share from the inheritance.
  • Guardianship and trustee litigation
  • Cases dealing with cancellation of a will​


  • Supervision on custody
  • Supervision on trusteeship
  • Tracking of maintenance payment (alimony)
  • Tracking of court order based on debarment
  • Offering preventive measures relating to family law issues
  • Supervision on housing and property rights
  • Supervision on protecting inheritance rights
  • Supervision and elimination of legal problems between spouses 
  • Supervision on taking necessary precautions relating to division of  matrimonial property between spouses
  • Propose methods on settling disputes between spouses
  • Advice relating on how to file a lawsuit and procedures required in order to follow-up

Apart from the above services, we also provide services for dispute resolution between the spouses and for its respective litigation and follow up procedures.