Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law

According to the Insolvency Law 2004, this law covers area where the debtor with its own consent fails to fulfil the payment of debt on time. In such situations, government bodies involving law can assist and brief the creditor on how to regain the assets that have been held back. The use of force in the insolvency law is authorized and recognized only by the state. In order for the creditor to regain its assets, the state would seize the property (goods) of the debtor and after the sale of goods; the debt amount would be paid back to the creditor.  

Our law firm in Istanbul has a very well experienced team in all kinds of insolvency and bankruptcy law cases and can provide strong legal support.

Type of cases which is dealt with is listed below:

  • Insolvency proceedings

  • Lien and cases involving opposition to lien

  • Discharge of debt, defending debt collection lawsuit and restitution claim

  • Appeal to signature and debt

  • Action for recovery of property

  • Deferral of bankruptcy and insolvency procedures

  • Insolvency law as a whole and other cases involving court of criminal insolvency 

Every bankruptcy lawyer working in our firm has great experience in the field of insolvency and bankruptcy law.