Intellectual Property Law


Par Law Firm serves all kinds of Intellectual Property counselling within the scope of law.

Our services also include legal advices related to all cases of trademarks, patent and design, patents and design applications and registration of trademarks, opposition to patent and design application cases, transfer of trademarks, change of name and address in trademarks, trademark infringement proceedings, and pledge of trademarks, patent and designs as well as cases related to license and seizure.

Our services linked to Intellectual Property Law

  • Patent and design applications and registration of trademarks

  • Appeal to trademark , patent and design applications

  • Renovation and transfer of trademarks, patent and design

  • Change of title and address in trademarks, patent and design

  • Trademark, patent and design infringement proceedings

  • Trademark, patent and design pledge, license and seizure

  • Trademark, patent and design breach related injunctions, raids and seizure proceedings.

Litigation services in relation to Intellectual Property Law

Par Law Firm provides all the necessary legal services for the registration of the Intellectual Property rights and also how to maintain and protect them. We also provide services for any infringement of Intellectual Property rights, any malicious registrations and termination of any assault and cancellation of the malicious registrations with appeals related to the applications of the Turkish Patent Institute. Service is also offered by replying to any objections and in case of rejection of applications by the Turkish Patent institute, re-examination of the application can be requested and then appeal can be forwarded to the Evaluation Board.

Further services that we provide under this law are as follows:

From the standpoint of Turkey Patent Office and European Patent Institute; trademarks, patent, industrial designs, geographical indication for introducing a product, integrated circuit topography, trade secrets, copyrights, computer software, research and business development activities and we also lend assistance such as ideas and processes regarding to production and presentation of product and services that have a special feature as well as registration of others that are subject to the same value of Intellectual Property.