The Representation Contract has been signed between our Gambian Football Player and our Belgian Intermediary via Our Lawyer Selahattin Par. Good Luck to our Turkish Football!

Our lawyer Selahattin PAR’s legal struggle for his MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE case was published in KANAL D NEWS on 12 JUNE 2018. Alladin, a baby who was just 1and ½ year old became the victim of the doctors’ negligent acts when they were circumcising him in the hospital. The baby was taken to a private hospital because he was experiencing problems while urinating but unfortunately the hospital did not demonstrate the necessary diligence. They did not take precautions when anaesthetising

The legal struggle our lawyer demonstrated for our client was published in the newspaper on 14 February 2018. While the court disregards the young girl's confession, Okan K. who entered the prison in May 2017, his family is preparing to apply to the Constitutional Court based on the rejection of the lower courts for rehearing requests. 25 years old Okan K who is in prison came across with his ex-girlfriend Tuğçe Ç. who is 22 years old. THE INCIDENT BEGAN WITH A SLAP This incident which

CAR INSURANCE What means KASKO? - KASKO is an insurance policy designed to cover any damages that have been experienced by your car or the other party’s vehicle at the time of accident. What means COMPULSORY CAR INSURANCE? - It is an insurance policy which covers damages suffered by the driver himself and the other passengers or by the other party or by a third party. In such car accidents, the compensation of such damages is also important. More importantly, in order to be able to claim our

Our lawyer, Selahattin Par’s speech on malpractice cases was broadcasted live on Hilal TV’s ‘Step by Step First Aid Program’ on 16 January 2018. The speech will be briefly described as explained below Since we are involved in many cases related to hospital, doctors and patients, there are two main complaints that is brought forward to us by the patients 1) Doctor has applied the wrong treatment or has intervened by mistake. 2) Doctor did not enlighten us or the doctor has

ЮРИДИЧЕСКАЯ ПОДДЕРЖКА В УКРАИНЕ Киев — столица Украины, город-герой, красивый и современный город. В старину был связан с историей Киевской Руси. Имеет богатое историческое прошлое, переплетённое с восточными славянами. Расположен на берегу реки Днепр, на холмистых крутых спусках. Это очень зелёный город, здесь много парков и скверов. Город известен своими цветущими каштанами. С каждым годом Киев становится более привлекательным и современным. Здесь много интересных мест, старинных церквей

In Istanbul, 3 years ago, due to false needle used in hair implantation, it has resulted to a trail of marks on M.Y. Consequently he has filed a compensation claim against the Hair Implantation Centre of around 101 thousand TL. In 2014, the Pressman M.Y got in touch with an Hair Implantation Centre in Şişli since he was suffering hair loss at the front side of his head. Approximately after 10 hours of operation, 4800 roots were removed from the back of M.Y’s head and was implanted on the front

Our Lawyer Selahattin Par's interview on Malpractice cases was broadcasted on Show Tv Prime News on 17 August 2016.